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Looking to grow you business, but feeling pressed for time or don't have the software and digital skills to create high quality media?

Let That Social Media Guy save you one of your business's most precious commodities, time!

Strong brand awareness is key to successful marketing. Step up your social media marketing with branded photos, collage photos, video advertisements, video slide shows, and hashtags.

Check out the samples below and choose the package that meets your needs and gets you the digital assets you need.



Is every image or video you have online a representation of your brand?


It should be! Let people know who you are every time you show what you can do for them!

You worked hard for your photos, why not protect them? Branding also helps you protect your photos from being used without permission by others. 


While scrolling through endless pictures on social media a collage is an easy way to catch a potential customer's attention.


Once you have a viewer, a collage allows you to tell a story, rather than just showing a single image.

Capture a complete event, or convey a greater sense of feeling with a collage!