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That Foam Party Guy only uses high quality FoamDaddy foam solution.


As stated on the main page it is dye free, safe for grass, pet friendly, and

hypo-allergenic. That means it is not toxic, will not stain, and even eco-friendly!

Consider your children, pets, and the environment, including lawns and gardens,



So what is FoamDaddy foam solution made up of?


The solution is made of Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Glycerol, and water.

These ingredients are the same primary ingredients in products like hair shampoo,

dishwashing soap, and surprisingly tooth paste. However, the foam solution does

not contain added chemicals like perfumes and degreasers that some of those

products do. Feel free to click on the ingredient names above to learn more.


Furthermore, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) has been scientifically studied as an ingredient

in personal care and cleaning products. The studies indicate that its typical use in these

applications to be safe for consumers and the environment. Even the US Food and drug Administration (FDA) includes SLS on its list of multipurpose additives allowed as a direct food additive.




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